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Level 3 - Leadership & Management Studies

Level 3 – First Line Management Studies

The ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Leadership &  Management are qualifications specially designed to give practising or potential First Line Managers a solid foundation in their formal development in their role.

The ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management qualification does this by developing basic management skills and assisting participants in gaining the basic knowledge required at this level.

Structure: A minium credit value of 4 to a maximum value of 12 credits

The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management  qualification does this by developing basic management skills and assisting participants in gaining the basic knowledge required by a manager. This qualification builds on the ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management, and broadens the skills and knowledge in a flexible and practical way.  Candidates are not required to undertake the Award as a pre-requisite and may join Certificate programmes directly.

Structure: A minimum credit value of 13 to a maximum credit value of 36 credits

The ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership & Management qualification does this by developing a very wide range of management knowledge & skills and assisting participants in gaining the comprehensive knowledge required by a first line manager and prepares then for greater responsibility. This qualification builds on the ILM Level 3 Award and Certificate in Leadership & Management, though is more suited to the practising manager, due to the more challenging demands of the programme.    Candidates are not required to undertake either the Award or the Certificate as pre-requisites and may join Diploma programmes directly.

Structure: Attainment of a minimum  credit value of 37

Flexibility – all learners are able to choose from a diverse range of units to build their qualification – either an Award, Certificate or a Diploma (see the tables below and overleaf). This high level of flexibility allows individuals or their employers to custom build a qualification focusing on the key areas of team leading that are most relevant to their specific roles, industry or organisation. From exploring induction and coaching in the workplace, to dealing with customers lawfully, the ILM qualifications can be fully tailored to meet the varying needs of candidates across all employment sectors.

Overview of Units

Ref      Unit Title (Credit Value)

8600-300 Solving problems and making decisions    (2)

8600-301  Understanding innovation and change in an organisation    (2)

860-302  Planning change in the workplace (2)

860-303  Planning and Allocating work  (2)

8600-304  Writing for business (1) 

8600-305  Contributing to creativity and innovation in the workplace   (2)

8600-306  Understanding Customer Service Standards and Requirements  (2)

8600-307  Giving briefings and making presentations  (2)  

8600-308  Understanding leadership (2)

8600-309  Understand how to establish an effectictive  (1)

8600-310  Understanding how to motivate to improve performance  (2)

8600-311  Developing yourself and others (   2)

8600-312  Understanding Conflict Management in the workplace (1)

8600-313  Understanding stress management in the workplace    (1)

8600-314  Understanding discipline in the workplace  (1)

8600-315  Understanding recruitment and selection of new staff in the workplace (2)

8600-316  Understand the induction of new staff in the workplace  (1)

8600-317  Understanding training and coaching in the workplace   (2)

8600-318  Understanding quality management in the workplace  (2)

8600-319  Understanding Organising and delegating in the workplace  (1)

8600-320  Managing workplace projects  (2)

8600-321  Understanding health and safety in the workplace  (2)

8600-322  Understand the organisation and its context (2)

8600-323  Understanding performance management  (2)

8600-324  Understanding costs and budgets in an organisation  (1)

8600-325  Understand how to manage the efficient use of materials  and equipment  (2)

8600-326  Understanding the communication process in the workplace (2)

8600-327  Understand ing negotiation and networking in the workplace   (1)

8600-328  Understand how to lead effective meetings  ( 2)

8600-329  Understanding workplace information systems (1)

8600-330  Understanding marketing for managers  (1)

8600-331  Understanding support services operations in an organisation  (3)

8600-332  Understanding sustainability and environmental issues in an organisation  (3)

8600-333  Understanding procurement and supplier management in the workplace  (2)

8600-334  Understanding and developing relationships in the workplace  (2)

8600-335  Understand how to manage contracts and contractors in the workplace  (2)

8600-336  Understanding incident management and disaster recovery in the workplace  (2)

8600-337  Understanding security measures in the workplace  (2)

8600-338  Understanding how to manage remote workers  (2)

8600-339  Understand good practice in workplace coaching  (3)

8600-340  Understanding good practice in workplace mentoring  (3)

8600-341  Leading and motivating a team effectively  (2)

           The Level 2 units available for this level of study is shown on the Level 2 Team Leading Page

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September 2012 CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership

"On the organisational level John has a broad understanding of strategic planning and human resource development. He motivated me to enhance the action-driven leadership skills needed to succeed in a not-for-profit organisation like mine. On the individual level, his empathy helped me not to give up my dreams by articulating a philanthropic vision and developing a pragmatic approach to solve any problems. A professional with a great deal of integrity and sense of humor."

By: Coreen Erckert - Case Manager at Hefsibah

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July 2012: ILM NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management.

"John Morgan of Aquarius Training & development partners provided the training and mentoring for my NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Management, and from the start, John was personable and enthusiastic, ensuring that my potential was realised by giving me the confidence to complete the qualification. His plethora of experience in the field meant that he was able to suggest possible paths where my ideas had completely dried up. Thanks John."

By: Mark Burrell Eng Tech. MSO.FIRTE.GCGI - Survey Engineer at Zurich Insurance Co Ltd.

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September 2013: CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership and the CMI Chartered Manager Award.

John's subject knowledge is excellent and I gained the benefit of his vast experience as he guided me patiently through the CMI level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership, and also the Chartered Manager award. I would have no hesitation in recommending John and Aquarius Training & Development to other colleagues and or Companies."

By: Geoff Spencer CMgr. MCMI - Deputy Director of Curriculum - Engineering Department at Coleg Cambria.

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December 2012: ILM NVQ L5 Diploma in Management

"John provided a fantastic service with outstanding results. His attention to detailand helpful approach ensured a very successful outcome for many within the Company. Without John's input, many would have been less successful or even unsuccessful in achieving their goals. He made a very positive difference."

By: Kalvin Bird GCGI - Warrant Officer at HM Forces.

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April 2013: ILM NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management.

"I have just completed an NVQ Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management. As well as achieving the mandatory requirements of the NVQ, I was eager to learn as much as possible along the journey. John's constant support, unbroken patience and superb depth of knowledge made this possible. He quickly became more than a facilitator/instructor; he was a mentor and true inspiration. His experience has played part in my own success at work and I know I will be calling on him for his counsel again in the future - sorry John!"

By: Mark Tomblin - Director Gulzar Consultancy Ltd., MCMI. MInstLM. MC Para. Qualified Helicopter Crewman Instructor

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August 2014. CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management & Leadership

"I have recently completed my CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership with Aquarius Training & Development Partners, thanks to them for how they were able to link my Business and Finance qualification from Bulgaria as prior certified learning against the Extend Diploma Programme. I would like to thank John Morgan for delivering such a superb course; it was well-structured, right time-frame, well organised and very enjoyable. John is an excellent tutor, very approachable and supportive. His experience gave me confidence in my own abilities, and that definitely will help me going forward in my career. I am now more aware of the skill I can employ to become an effective manager. Overall that was the best course I have attended."

By: Evtim Naskov - Team Leader - Arla Foods. Oswestry

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September 2015: CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership and the Chartered Manager Award

"Thanks to John's knowledge and experience he has guided and mentored me through a CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership and on to Chartered Manager.I have worked with him in a voluntary capacity for CMI in the North West Region for many years and benefited from his wisdom, enthusiasm and support. He's a first class coach and a tremendous ambassador for encouraging the development of management and leadership."

By: Stephen Bottoms CMgr MCMI - Group Compliance Officer, Easidrive Group.

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March 2015 : CMI Level 7 Diploma in Management & Leadership and CMI Chatered Manager Award

John has been a great help in guiding me through the CMI Diploma in Management & Leadership. John's extensive experience and knowledge in the field has been invaluable and his ability to turn around feedback and be available to address any questions has been fantastic. If you are considering progressing your career through a professional qualification John is an ideal individual to start with.

By: Owen Hathway CMgr.MCMI.CIM. Wales Policy Officer - National Union of Teachers.

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May 2015 CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Management & Leadership and the Chartered Manager Award

Recently completed my Level 7 Extended Diploma with Aquarius Training & Development Partners. My tutor & mentor John Morgan was a great inspiration throughout bring the topics of study to life by contextualising them with my roles in Welsh Government and in my pastoral role within the North Wales Coastal Church. Through John has been firm but patient on deadlines, responsive when I struggled with assessment content. Overall a worthwhile experience and achievement over and beyond just a qualification. For those considering personal development in the field of Management and Leadership then I would recommend Aqaurius Training & Development Partners.

Next Stage Chartered Manager Award.

By: Tim Rowlands: Regional Government Officer. Welsh Assembly

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May 2015 : CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership

Just completed and achieved my Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership with Aquarius Training. Programme was a great vehicle to make the most of my broad range of in-service training & experience and capture them in the highly regarded CMI qualification. John Morgan proved to be a highly effective, confidential and professional tutor, who was a positive motivation for me throughout the programme and was a great council as I explored my next career opportunity as I progress my transition from miliary to civilian employment. Thanks John. I will certainly recommend you and Aquarius Training & Development Partners Ltd to anyone considering CPD in the areas of Leadership and Management at all levels.

By: Lawrence Brunt: Squadron Leader RAF

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December 2015 CMI Level 6 Diploma and CMI level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management & Leadership

I have just completed and achieved my Level 6 Diploma in Management & Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management & Leadership, and found the assistance provided by Aquarius Training invaluable in guiding me through these programmes. I would recommend Aquarius Training to anyone wishing to advance their Management and Leadership skills, knowledge and qualifications.

By: Rondong Song

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June 2015 - CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership

"John Morgan of Aquarius Training & Development Partners provided and supported the training and mentoring for my CMI Level 5 – Diploma in Management & Leadership QCF, and from the start, John was enthusiastic and provided the personal touch. Ensuring that my potential was realised by giving me the confidence to complete the qualification. His patience and plethora of experience in the field of management & leadership meant that he was able to suggest possible paths and other avenues for my research and study. Having recently left the forces and making the adjustment to civilian employment, John’s professionalism and mentoring skills have been invaluable and greatly appreciated. His knowledge of the ELCAS system is a great help for those leaving the forces. Thanks John’.

Julian ‘Clarence’ Heal Cert-Ed

Rifles retired, Consultant for Intelligent Armour Ltd

By: Julian Heal

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August 2016 - CMI L5 Extended Diploma,

My experience with Aquarius Training & Development Partners Ltd, and particularly John Morgan has been a smooth and successful one. John’s guidance throughout the learning experience has been excellent as has been his unwavering patience and support. Not only would I recommend his service for potential future students, I will be taking my own study further through him as a result of the experience I have already had. Thank you John.

By: Cpl. David Bairsto CMgr.MCMI - MoD St.Athan

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June 2016 - CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership.

I have been in my new role since July now. My team has responded well to my situational managerial approach. I have found a renewed enthusiasm for people management. I enjoy seeing my team achieve success as individuals and a team. They are voicing ideas for change, positive about developing, keen to take on new challenges. They and I still have a way to go, however I am creating a future for them. I believe the fact that I have had the opportunity to learn and research strategic management and leadership I have been able to apply the theories in a practical way. By combining this, re-examining my managerial and leadership skills and recognising that I wish to do things differently I can say I am enjoying being back in a people management role. I have taken the view this time to spend the time supporting, leading and developing my team.  I realise to be a good leader I need to look to the future and create a vision.  To be a good manager I need to work with my people, listen and value them. Completing my Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership with Aquarius Training & Development Partners was made more achievable through the programme design that enabled me to successfully complete my studies but also settle to my new role.

By: Lynda Wells-Merrilees - CMgr. MCMI

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January 2017 : CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership

John provided a first class service throughout the entire course and he possess a unique combination of skills gained within both the business and educational arenas. This enables John to guide his students through the course content, whilst ensuring the student is able to practice and apply their newly acquired skills in real world situations. I would highly recommend John to students of all abilities.

By: Simon Davison CMgr. MCMI - Head of Operations Bidvest Foodservice

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June 2009:CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership

Throughout the programme John demonstrated a broad range of management skill and knowledge, innovation in assessment protocols and immense patience and ability to motive me through to a succesful completeion of the programme. His support was invaluable and a great model for my own role in Learning & Development.

By: Laura Davis

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March 2017 - CMI Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership & Chartered Manager Award

I have been studying with Aquarius for the past two years and would highly reccomend their services. With John Morgan as my tutor I successfully completed the CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and was awarded Chartered Manger status. John's wealth of knowledge and anecdotes from his long career in general management give great context to theory and he is excellent at helping you apply your learning and research to your own organisation, no matter what industry. I have enjoyed my learning with John and I am currently working towards the Level 7 Extended Diploma, for which I continue to receive the same high standard of tuition and support. Thank you Aquarius.

By: Jennie Bronte-Hearne C.Mgr MCMI

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April 2017 - CMI L5 Certificate in Management & Leadership.

John was quite the professional, helping me fully understand what was required. I went into this slightly anxious, not having been in education for a while, and he took me under his wing with ease and guided me. Very well spoken and patient, I am grateful for his time in helping me tailor my work to my military background. The quality of material that is provided is exceptional, with multiple slide shows and downloadable content too. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished and I do look forward to working with John again.

By: Craig Bonny - 39 Engineer Regiment

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Chf Tech Tim Jones - Sept 2019

Having just completed my CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management & Leadership I would like to thank John from Aquarius Training for delivering on his promise to support and guide me through this course.  Throughout the course we discussed each topic, identified areas that required improvement and by utilising his many years of experience coupled with the excellent library of literature available on the training portal, I succeeded to develop at every stage.

A patient and understanding trainer, he fully accepted the commitment my full-time job warranted, John adapted his training strategy to suit my needs and this is one of many reasons why I would encourage others to sign up with John for any of the training courses he and Aquarius Training provides. You will not be disappointed.

By: Chf Tech - Tim Jones Sept 2019

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